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Rent Referral Issue!
Published on 19-08-2019

Dear Member,


now Rent Referral comeback normal you can order what need you want

before, RR was not click because our member is inactive from some member make multiple account,

if any question please contact us!


Sincerelly, Bornearn Admin

Bornearn now comeback normal again!!
Published on 14-08-2019

Dear Member,

I see on the site foxyrating half the members made bad news or 3/1 stars, please comment on them that bornearn is not like that and the admin is very serious in this problem,
or make a good post if you support this site


and for those of you make a deposit please open a ticket to get your bonus, and do not yet buy a referral rental for now, because there are hundreds of inactive members so that the rr does not click on ads, wait 2 days until the members inactive suspended,


Sincerelly, Bornearn Admin

Keep Active in this Site Everyday!!
Published on 13-08-2019

Dear Member,

for now you must to be active every day at bornearn

because we will delete members who are not active in 2 days,

This is because there are members used multiple accounts, so that referrals are not active and detrimental to members who buy rental referrals


Sincerelly, Bornearn Admin

HAPPY! 2000 Bornearn Members!
Published on 10-08-2019
Dear All member,

I am very happy , finally Bornearn has reached 2000 members 

We are having a Rented referral discount of 30% and Membership discount of 25% for 7 days.

how to buy rented referrals:
-First you have to make a deposit first,
Click the rent referrals menu in the sidebar
choose the number of referral rentals that you want according to your Purchase Balance

referral rental info 
click: $ 0.0025 (50%)
avg: 2,366

How to purchase a membership
- You can make a deposit to upgrade your account or directly to the member upgrade page
- Click upgrade on the menu in your account
- Select the membership you want to Purchase
- Choose payment method ( purchase balance, payeer, perfect money )

Sincerelly, Bornearn Admin
Members Cheating!
Published on 08-08-2019

Dear Member,

today we found 30 cheating member multiple accounts, so for all of you good members continue your work,


notice : we will not serve and, ignore members cheating

 contact us if you feel cheated to reset your account

Sincerelly, Bornearn Admin


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